We have two submission rounds each year – approx. March/April and September/October.
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Applications can be submitted at any time during the year,
however, proposals will only be assessed after the closing date of our proposal submission rounds.




  • Alternating Current Art Space welcomes applications from emerging/established artists, interstate and overseas artists, curators, art collectives, organisations, independent launches, and festivals.
  • Contemporary art practitioners including (but not limited to) visual, audio, video-based and performance works, applications to exhibit can be for solo shows or curated group shows.
  • All applications to exhibit are considered by the Alternating Current Art Space curatorial committee.



  • Payment for the show to be made by the specified date
  • Providing good quality promo images by the due date in your contract
  • Transportation of work to and from Alternating Current Art Space
  • Install/deinstall of your show (assistance will be provided by gallery staff)
  • Insurance of your work for the duration of your exhibition, if desired
  • Any specialised or additional equipment required (eg: projectors, special plinths, etc)
  • An artwork list of all works in your exhibition by the due date in your contract
  • Gallery sitting for 3 x 3-hour shifts
  • Returning the gallery space to its original condition after the exhibition closes (ie: patching walls, removing all artwork, putting gallery tools away, etc.)
  • Repainting gallery walls back to white if walls have been painted another colour and the provision of the paint to do this



  • A three-week exhibition
  • Advertisement in Art Almanac and Art Guide Australia
  • Promotion of your show on social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Emailed invitation to the Alternating Current Art Space mailing list
  • Gallery staff will assist you with install/deinstall of the exhibition
  • Provision of basic tools (ladder, hammer, nails, screws, drill, and level)
  • Gallery staff will sit gallery for part of the show
  • Set up and clean up on opening night
  • The gallery will take a 25% commission on all sales



  • It is important that you are familiar with the space before applying.
  • In your application, number the gallery spaces in order of preference.
  • The gallery is open to the public 4 days per week, excluding public holidays. Our opening hours are Thursday & Friday 12-7pm, and Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm. Gallery 1’s lighting operates on a timer and remains lit after hours until midnight Thursdays to Sundays.
  • Note: Video works requiring a darkened room are ideal for Gallery 4, as it can be blacked out completely.
  • Note: The Cupboard is very narrow.

Gallery 1 – $800
Gallery 2 – $850
Gallery 3 – $500
Gallery 4 – $400
The Cupboard – $170


Click/tap images to enlarge



  • Applicants will need to provide a clear vision of their proposed exhibition through text and images in a single pdf document. Please do not send images separately.
  • Images – Include up to 10 images for a solo show, up to 20 images for a group show.
  • Video links (if applicable) – please ensure the audiovisual content is relevant and of short duration and please upload your content to a platform such as VIMEO or YouTube and include links.
  • Please include links to your website, past exhibitions, or links that show us your practice.
  • Support material list – please indicate whether the images are of completed work, ready to be exhibited, developmental concepts, or examples of previous work. Please indicate if video/projection works include sound.
  • Current CV – 1 page only.



Proposals are to be emailed as a single pdf to and are to include:

  • Artist(s) contact information
  • Title of the proposed exhibition
  • A clear description of how you will use the gallery space. Explain your project, its concepts, and aims (max. 250 words).
  • Artist statement (50 words)
  • 10 images of current work included in pdf
  • Artist CV (1 page)
  • Indicate preferred gallery space in order of preference and exhibition period
  • Include your name in the pdf filename

Note: Submissions that do not include all of the above may not be included in our selection process.

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