31 March to 22 April 2017

Robison’s art materialises unconscious psychological terrains, engaging in a dialogue with the human condition and exploring notions of emotional experience. Her use of tactile fabrics and plastics draws parallels to skins and bodily surfaces, altering physical relationships within space to evoke an empathetic effect. Robison aims to communicate a form of experiential understanding by creating transitional objects onto which unconscious needs may be projected, her sculptural installations become a reflection of feelings and of psychological phenomenon, a form of material therapy.
Slump portrays bodily manifestations of the parasites of our unconscious, torn out and on display like hunting trophies. The works mirror traces of the fears and insecurities that plague our emotions, and blur our perceptions of our own bodies. Her sculptures generate their own body language, which can be read against the human body, playing with our discomfort of disfiguration and the abject body.