13 April to 6 May 2018

I have created pieces of Unusable Furniture. The sculptural works are fragile, angular, intensely coloured and arranged haphazardly to contrast the function and aesthetic of home furnishings. I have used industrial building materials including timber, aluminium sheet metal and signwriting paint for the installation, to reflect aspects of the built environment to allude to a setting for human activity. The structure of the individual works is reliant on the timber frame. The frame has been used to border the individual pieces and as metaphor for grouping and generalising sections of society.
One Size Fits All: Unusable Furniture puts forward a scenario where aspects of the familiar have been taken away. The alien living room presents (through titles) a façade of comfort, fitting in and ‘the correct’ way of living. The project stemmed from issues concerning Australia at present where minority groups are judged and decided for and a privileged average is catered to.

Make yourself comfortable.