25 FEB-19 MAR

While everything seemed to stop last year I started taking more notice of my surroundings observing the changing and repetitive nature in which we all live. 

There is something about the classic Australian Bungalow.


Everyday I turn right, it's the first thing I do.  The same guy is walking in the same spot everyday, unless he is late then I see him in my rear-vision mirror, Pretty sure he works near me. I always think should I give him a lift? But in reality we have no idea who each other are. 


Realising the new has become the old and the old is becoming a memory,  I have been exploring known Australian ideals such as, the 'Hills Hoist', Ken Done and Margret Fulton. Observing ways in which we cook, eat and live. What is the perfect life? Or place to live?