26 October to 17 November 2018

The nail is a choice. Time and again, hand held gently or dragged we linger in the shade of its structure, deciding anew to latch and locate, the nail permeates and endures in the physical space. The nail is a choice. In allowing work its freedom to disassociate with the wall and designated space it can empower and converse with all who encounter it, expanding and retracting, occupying and locating. Unhung with wholeheartedness or fixed to surface with cynical sneer. The nail is a choice.
Occupying the polar states of sincerity and cynicism, this project seeks to generate artworks in consideration to the exhibition space it resides in - through the tangible, physical expression via the art forms, the emotional content created and the critical thinking that drives the conception. Revolting against the norms it responds to the space expanding and retracting, occupying and locating itself in many positions inside and outside the exhibition field.