26 April to 18 May 2019

My upcoming project will be a deeper exploration in the concepts of isolation, entrapment and time created by human consciousness and our existential awareness. The physical proximity of my works in such a space will best maintain the conceptual thread in the audience’s mind as it allows for close interaction between the works.

This new series will build upon a similar formula (of the sample works provided) of figuration and found objects to convey these fundamental conceptual components of isolation, entrapment and time. Singular, and seemingly estranged human figures subsisting in void-like dimensions are utilised in my works to showcase the disconnect between the material body and the human hyperawareness of our own existence.

The suspension of the human body in a bleak abyss parallels the overwhelming omnipresence of time or even timelessness. However, found objects are often juxtaposed against this existential thought by providing an anchor to the real world. This furthers the dream-like quality and serves as a reminder that solace can be found in the mundane.

Thus, I am for my detailed smaller works to entice the audience closer and further inwards to observe and question the surreal nature of the human state.