30 November to
17 December 2016

For many, summer is synonymous with strange burns and nights of restless sleep. To others however, it is a season of hope, celebration and family lunches- days spent eating pudding and leftovers all the while bathing in the sunlit waters of an idyllic Australian beach. And yet this sense of escapism is often met with tragedy and violence, raging fires and sleepless nights of unrest and fear.

Summer Salon bids adieu to a year troubled by political upheaval and unrest, all the while welcoming 2017 in eager- albeit anxious- anticipation. In homage to the season of sunburn and sausage sizzles, this group show examines what summer is or means to a diverse group of artists working across painting, sculpture and photography.

Participating artists: 
Anna Prifiti, Annette Chang, Adriane Hayward, Amber Daly, Andrea Hughs, Andrea Sinclair, Anthea Kemp, Cathy Muhling, Caragh Brooks, Jessica Ledwich, Kate Wallace, Kate Walsh, Kim Wall, Linda Loh, Michael Hawkins, Michele Donegan, Myra McElhinney, Nanou Dupuis, Naomi Nicholls, Olga Tsara, Pimpisa Tinpalit, Pheobe Beard, Penny Parkinson, Polly Holloak, Sarah Randall, Simon Watts, Wendy Busch.