25 FEB-19 MAR

Through the act of recontextualizing her childhood wardrobe, Lilly contemplates resonances and emotional attachments to the routines and objects that tend to outlive us. Negotiating the object as a substitute of the body, the act of relocation attempts to confront the immortal nature of objects. Lilly’s personal transformation and spatial interplay of the mundane object speaks in various dialogues; to the walls of the space, to the viewer, and its unspoken relationship to the artist, suggesting its new site the artists' ‘new home’. Ultimately, the object’s travel from home to gallery performs in extension to its original, allocated space, emphasizing a new yet unremoved space inbetween, exploring the object as place and landscape in time. In parallel, its remnant aura at the artists’ home reduces the object to an immaterial embossment. We are  (the space inbetween) embraces the juxtaposition of the cupboard within The Cupboard Space, as differently defined and functioning spaces, unified in title and spatial consideration.