21 FEBRUARY -14 MARCH 2020



These multi-panel paintings interrogate visual perception through the use of bold, vibrant colour, basic shapes and painterly surface.  I have used hard-edged geometric abstraction to express how perfection can be attained through the methodology of the handmade, and how the interplay of vibrant colour can be visually stimulating, engaging and dynamic.  The focus is on simplicity of form and minimal use of colour. A flawless finish is the desired outcome, however minor imperfections are a sign of the impossibility of attaining perfection, and are an indication of my physical connection to the work.  Colour, a dominant force in the work, is applied systematically and methodically in order to achieve a vibrant, high-gloss finish. The interplay of bold, hard-edged colour gives rise to an image which vibrates and pulses with energy.