If I blocked it out why does it still haunt me?


23 APR-15 MAY

Throughout my practice, I deal with concepts surrounding grief, trauma, loss and memory. The work, ‘If I blocked it out why does it still haunt me?’, is a reflection on trauma, memory and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

In this work I reflect on experiences in my life that occurred at the start of 2019. My mind blocked out the events and time period, resulting in my memories of the incidents and months after being fragmented.  After I realised my memories were affected, I began obsessing over trying to remember every detail and easily became overwhelmed with the flashbacks and blank spaces of time in my mind.  The webs in this work are a symbol of the memories I have somewhere in my mind, they are a representation of what I have forgotten, what I still remember and what I am trying to forget.