13 April to 6 May 2018

In Precipice for a New Day ceramic forms – rocky terrain, mountains and caves – act as sites for exploring groundlessness, especially as experienced through desire and in the potential eroding of connection and physical proximity in an increasingly virtual world. These forms are coupled with torsos and heads of cast figures resembling weathered statues from an ancient past, when open dialogue and shared ritual were the means to make sense of experience.
Yet rather than nostalgia, the precarious positioning of figures amidst rugged forms signals an ongoing openness to the possibilities that groundlessness contains: finding oneself on the edge as a mark of being real; weathering as a process of revealing and reshaping in unexpected ways. And, for a time, choosing to see what the rocks turn up, listening with an ear to the ground, and letting go of fleeting images and soundbites on the way to encountering the other.