31 Aug to 22 Sep 2018

Again and again brings together two artists from different fields, object and jewellery maker Ruby Aitchison and collage artist Harrison Jamie. With the intent to create a conversation and a likeness across disciplines, a collaborative project of reassembling and repetition has been initiated.

Beginning with an object, material and subject are flattened into two dimensions. The scope and magnitude of the original is transferred and echoed into a new image, which is seen afresh amongst additional imagery and the stylistic approach of its maker. A process-based exploration to see which textures and forms remain evident in its new topology, to observe what is lost and what is brought forward in its new dimension.

Following this action, a second action is taken upon take the two-dimensional work as it is used in its printed material form to create a three-dimensional piece. The image is now considered as surface with colour and texture to be influence and material for a new piece.

This systematic process of taking and reassembling, is repeated to create a unified, linear piece by the two artists. Beginning with the Ruby Aitchison, who uses materials such as steel, cement, aluminium and vegetable matter, followed by Harrison Jamie who scans found textures and mundane materials using them to create digital collages which are then printed.