All That Glitters tells the story of us – me, my son, our struggles and where we are now … I will never forget the moment that his heart stopped and mine kept beating….

While this body of work may appear as a random collection of forms, is in fact a narrative. It tells they story of love, loneliness, addiction, help received, help not received and the over prescribing of medication. It tells the story of yesterday, today and sadly tomorrow. For years we sought to mask, disguise and pretend – not with the intent of hiding our truth but to protect – Ed to protect us, we to protect him.

This body of work represents that life – the clash of the internal and the external, the face we put on and that which lies beneath, the real and the façade.

On the surface the aesthetic appears as a celebration – full of colour, sparkle, glitter and life. However, a closer look will reveal the truth with an aesthetic completely out of sync with the content – an aphorism that represents the reality of my life – the memories, the moments, the overwhelming feelings that never come at once but together …. and the eternal and ever-present question of why?