14 OCT-5 NOV


Death is not the end but a transformation to a new beginning. Not as a result of life's frustrations but as a transition from this life into the next. From mortality into immortality.

Each work is an introspection of life, condition, and mortality reflecting on the power and strength of desolation while subtly encapsulating ideas of journeys, ends and renewals.

This series is a healing to those who regard death as the unlovable sting.

Silence #1.6.1 is a philosophical study of mindfulness that all metaphysical conditions co-exist, and that death can provide a beautiful insight to understand and appreciate life.


Three artists come together to showcase their most recent work. Annette Chang will occupy gallery 2 with her latest installation ‘White’, Pimpisa Tinpalit’s installation ‘The Beauty in Death’ will occupy gallery three and the cupboard, and Polly Hollyoak’s  ‘Vilomah’ offers a series of black and grey text-based paintings in gallery 4