17 June to 9 July 2016

Networks become more complex and interwoven as the built and natural environments compete with one another. Phoebe and Sorcha illustrate this volatile relationship through their paintings and prints. Power lines and roads are incorporated into their drawings - as are trees and rivers. The contrast between man-made and natural objects is apparent in their works; drawing into sharp relief not only their divergent relationship but also the viewers own alienation existing amongst these dichotomous networks. Objects and symbols promote a storyline within Phoebe and Sorcha’s artworks.
The setting that each artist chooses promotes this hyperrealist environment. Overgrown hedges and broken power lines symbolise unrest within the portrait. Growth and deterioration are common themes. An electricity network relies on various different symbols and colours to monitor its productivity. Red flashing lights or warning signs usually represent a deterioration of this network. Both Sorcha and Phoebe have used drawing and printmaking techniques to comment on the sustainability of Phoebe and Sorcha's proposed “Networks” exhibition represents the culmination of the current phase of their evolution as emerging artists.