3rd to 25th March 2017

This exhibition is what I imagine conversations between Josef Albers and Jasper Johns would look like. The format of the show – like ‘imagined’ conversations have the potential to constantly change and I am not suggesting that Josef Albers and Jasper Johns had any real life connection- I can’t even be sure if they ever crossed paths, I mean art worlds are small but America is big.
Josef did teach Robert Rauschenberg, and Rauschenberg had an intimate relationship with Johns. So is it not so hard to believe that there may have been, somewhere between studio and pillow talk a conversation between Robert and Jasper that Josef came into. The two young artists laughing at Josef and his Bauhaus moves, as they took over the world with their Neo Dada. Josef with his artwork as lessons; Homage to the Square, Jasper with his contradictions and no meanings [how could a flag or target have no meaning?]