29 APR-21 MAY

A long-standing legacy of Western thought is the reduction of Nature to the mere surface-relations of organic phenomena, thusly solidifying the natural world into a static, mechanical system of objects to be endlessly mined and moulded by the whims and wants of humanity. Yet the onslaught of ecological disasters which plague our contemporary era fiercely challenges this anthropic worldview, revealing in their terrible wake a Nature that is autonomous, unfixed and viciously indifferent to the representational ideals and humanising values we impress upon it. Fanged and stripped of our feverish anthropomorphisms, the Nature which confronts us today is dark, mutant and, above all, chaotic. An artistic and conceptual revaluation is thereby required. Utilising the aesthetics of horror films, weird fiction, and esoteric psychedelia, Naturhorror re-visualises the natural world as delirious vortices of abstraction, wherein all representational forms dissolve and amalgamate into intensive whirlpools of line and colour.