13 September to 5 October 2019

‘Anoigma’ is an exhibition of abstract paintings that operate through layers of disparate gestures. The works present fantasy structures that balance intentional and residual mark-making with the potential energy of painting. With each painting left at a point of adequate incompletion and satisfied by its own logic, the paintings present themselves as fluctuating fields; momentarily fixed in varied states of ‘becoming’. The Greek term ‘anoigma’ describes openings, and connects to the ambiguity of ‘enigma’. The show explores the potential of abstraction and painting as a means to dwell in the experience and construction of ambiguity.
Panayiota is a Melbourne-based painter, engaged in the potential of abstraction and the neo-baroque as productive devices in understanding the experience of contemporary perception. Panayiota graduated from RMIT in 2017 after completing the Bachelor in Fine Art and Honours programs. Her work is held in private collections in Melbourne and Sydney.