8 to 30 June 2018

Naomi Nicholls is getting to be known for her large-scale, hand-painted installations, where colour flows outside of where it belongs. Normally, she snubs the boundaries of the room housing the work, allowing the painted vinyl to run right over edges and corners on walls and floor. But in ‘Back in Boundaries’, Nicholls returns to the rectangular boundaries of aluminium panels, layering up abstract gestures using the impulsive flow and whole-body-action of painting with oversized brushes and squeegees.
Colours are pushed together and forced to interact; sometimes the clash of a primary and secondary colour, sometimes muddy-neutrals with unnaturally vivid hues. The glossy paint surfaces mimic the shiny vinyl in Nicholls’ large-scale installations, but these panel works abide by their boundaries and do not escape to the walls.