15 July to 6 August 2016

As an Australian born maker I am influenced by the many cultures found in Melbourne from across the globe. I utilise craft techniques within my practice to explore notions of cultural identity. The making process is a valuable tool for maintaining and celebrating cultural diversity while enabling the possibility to realise shared heritage and cultural values. ​ Haori Himo is a quest to reuse articles of traditional Japanese cultural dress and make them into contemporary jewellery objects.
The textiles used in this collection are salvaged from damaged Haori jackets and ties that still contain traces and stitches of the garment that once was. It is these finer details that show up as delicate remnants of a past life. By reconfiguring these textiles into wearable jewellery I have placed my own imprint onto these objects. Just as I have done as the maker, I invite the wearer to reinterpret the cultural identity of these fibres by placing their own layer of identity upon them while being worn.