7 to 29 October 2016

"One of the great achievements of modern art and philosophy has been to allow us to rediscover the world in which we live, yet which we are always prone to forget"
-Maurice Merleau-Ponty

My art practice involves travelling, noticing, collecting, remembering, valuing, transforming and reconsidering. My workday often starts with walking and collecting objects and images from the world around me.

Walking allows slow progress through the world and encourages the walker to notice things in detail. The works in re find are a mapping of the landscape and like maps, they encourage the viewer to stop and look and consider, encouraging time to be spent with the work. Just as walking is slow travel the works in re-find are slow art. My aim is to create miniature ‘other worldly’ places that have both innocence and mystery. Art for me is a visual philosophy that references place, history and memory.