3 to 26 February 2017

This thematic exhibition is a visual experiment originally inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins. This well-known list of human emotional frailties, including pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth, offers significant potential to produce diverse visual stimuli. This exhibition is not intended as a presentation of religious dogma. Rather it utilizes the almost folkloric list of Sins as a reference point to depict diverse and exciting subject matter. I have produced fourteen new works for the exhibition, depicting each Sin together with its equivalent Heavenly Virtue.
My core influence for this exhibition was my study of the innovative altarpiece painter Hieronymus Bosch. I examined his work while completing an art history degree and I was impressed by his macabre use of subject matter and humour to bring new life to traditional altarpiece images.I was also inspired by the sharp imagery and wit of Art-Deco posters and newspaper cartoons.