13 April to 6 May 2018

Sometimes Mat walks 'going with the flow' allowing the architecture of Windsor to guide him; other times he challenges the pull of the street’s design, walking, running and jumping in resistive directions.

While exploring, he gathers up material – stories, movements, faces and conversations – he captures them in the soles of his shoes. Carefully following their footsteps, he fills his pockets and senses and sketchbooks with observations and ideas, a mixture of the old and the new.
Back in the studio with the adventure fresh in his mind, Mat draws, paints and scratches onto paper and canvas with the materials he has gathered. Again he allows them to guide him in the same way as Windsor; other times he will resist the pull of the materials and push them in ways they were never meant to be to create energetic and haptic marks. Finally he is left with a canvas that is oozing with the day.