1 to 23 February 2019

If the interior of our bodies still had unexplored regions, like the world still had undiscovered continents, what would we think could be dwelling in these unknown places inside of us? This is the question that underlies a new series of images, that present composite objects that are constructed ideas of organs and biological matter present somewhere within the body. One of the best-known examples of a fictionalized account of unknown lands is from Sir John Mandeville, who invented his travels across far fetched places.
Never based on reality, these accounts used mythological, theological and popular belief to form descriptions of the people that one would encounter in the distant corners of a vast unknown world. In the same way, the artist re- imagines the space between the known organs and functions of our bodies to contain unexplored regions. In these regions, metaphorical organs dwell, aggregates that manifest the symptoms we don’t completely understand.