16 SEP-8 OCT

Waiting and longing and grieving and weaving

Despair regret absence pain

Faith love trust hope


Today I am Penelope.


 These works are inspired by the story of Penelope, who waited twenty years for Odysseus to return from the Trojan war. She had 108 suitors camped in her home, abusing her hospitality, claiming her husband was dead and demanding she marry one of them. Penelope says she will make her choice (the winner gains Odysseus’ land and wealth) once she completes weaving a shroud for Odysseus’ elderly father. During the day she weaves, then unpicks her work overnight in the hope it remains unfinished until Odysseus’ return.

The exhibition reflects on the roles of women in western society and the disconnect between childhood expectations and a life actually lived. It is also a personal response to the breakdown of my 25-year marriage at the start of 2020.