19 July to 10 August 2019

Lidia Cirianni has explored her past experiences in an ongoing quest to remove memories of childhood and adolescence. The works presented through this investigation are based on memories; she responds to her memories through her work. She uses the body as both subject and object, and employs processes such as cleansing of found objects and embodied cleansing on herself. Various influences of cinematic. In the development of her ideas she has endeavoured to understand strategies around using narrative to document trauma.

Her work uses familiar everyday materials, which are transformed in order to produce powerful and evocative works. The investigation of domestic materials are documented through emotionally raw moments, in particular the use of her body as material through with to communicate pain as a language.

The materials and objects are simple and every day, but also powerfully resonant of ritual and repetition. The intention is to provide an experience which is both personal and collective, creating a range of sensory and emotional experiences through touch, visuals and an individual experience to enable awareness of apprehension, excitement or intrigue. Her work is a personal odyssey as well as a struggle to understand private memories, in which she leaves the final work open to interpretation.