27 Sep to 20 Oct 2018

Shapescape comprises a series of playful sculptural wall pieces continuing an exploration into the forms, materials, textures and colours found in the industrial landscape near where I live in Melbourne’s west. The works isolate, fragment and abstract sculptural forms and motifs found in this landscape and aim to capture and evoke the dilapidated beauty, colour, systematic order and quirky structures that can be found.

Working in metal, I’m drawn to the corrugated and sheet metal that forms a sculptural skin wrapping industrial buildings and services.

The buildings are comprised of disparate parts, differently shaped components following the function hidden within. Stacked, standing side by side, joined by other elements, form follows function with efficiency and sometimes humorous outcomes. When isolated and abstracted, these new components have the potential to create building blocks with which to imagine and create new configurations and juxtapositions, recontextualising the language of form, scale, placement and purpose.