G3 & G4

 5-27 NOV

Flight and Fantasy is an installation of sculptural works that explores confinement and escape. Kipps is interested in the psychology of psychiatric architecture. What first appears as a traditional quilt, hung untraditionally from the ceiling, is a recreation of the tiles at Aradale. In Kipps’ reworking, the corridor transforms into an impossible imaginary walkway. Further works similarly conjure real and imagined scenarios felt within the body. Kipps’ mirror reflects her diamond neon, which casts an influential pink hum over the scene. Fleeting glances or piercing gazes allow audiences to see themselves, and think through ideas of the self as viewed from the inside or by others. This duality continues in the frozen violence of her deconstructed and repaired vessel. With careful attention to evocative symbolism and the material possibilities of constructed and handmade objects, Kipps offers this space to indulge in complex human feelings and to explore the possibilities⎯real, metaphorical, somatic and unconscious⎯of entry and exit.