24 JUN-16JUL

This research-led project explores how installation and everyday materials can be utilised to embody indescribable and profound feelings of loss and abandonment. The artist’s inability to verbalise these visceral sensations has governed a compulsion to use her art practice as a conduit for expression and catharsis.

Physical gestures and handmade processes are vital in the production of this new body of work. The artist directly engages with everyday familial materials, engulfing lengths of shredded fabric in black viscoid paint, transforming them into an entangled pile of blackened matter that resembles how she visualises a dark abyss of despair.

The project aims to devise a ‘psychological’ space that embodies these traumatic feelings of loss and abandonment. Utilising installation, the work seeks to actively occupy the locale in order to overwhelm and trigger uncomfortable sensations. The entangled black mass threatens to snare the melancholic and exclude the onlooker.