24 May to 15 June 2019

The origin of life is traced back to a bacterium-like organism, the earliest singular cell surviving from the depths of the ocean. Largely known as a common ancestor, there is massive evidence to suggest that all life on earth is its descendent.

Just look at an ant procuring the highest level of organisation while caring for its offspring and other individuals; or of how trees send distress signals about drought and disease, and other trees alter their behaviour when they receive these messages. The feeling of interconnectedness is not limited to humanity. Community, hierarchy, communication and the need to survive are all common characteristics for life in general. We all want to thrive. Life wants to thrive.

Works for this exhibition are raw and executed in mixed media giving a textured, organic and tangible approach to the subject matter. Each piece creates a thought-provoking backdrop for the next forming its own string of interconnectedness; descendence.

‘Descendent’ is about the very core of us.