27 Sep to 20 Oct 2018

Cut/Copy engages audiences in a kinetic visual experience that explores the uncertain place of the original artwork in an image-saturated world. By subverting the primacy of the vertical picture plane and foregrounding a painting’s peripheral elements, this site-specific exhibition looks to expand the contemporary possibilities of painting through a dynamic reconsideration of a painting’s edge.

The exhibition’s interplay between a centrally positioned artwork, and the large-format reproductions of its sides across the walls surrounding it, highlights the ways in which digital technologies have allowed for the appropriation and repurposing of images, often with little regard for their origin. In counterpoint, their painterly quality asserts their uniqueness.

This tension between the claustrophobic nature of the infinitely reproducible image and the enduring emotive and subjective power of the hand-painted artwork goes to the heart of the exhibition, challenging audiences to reconsider the place that originality holds in our cultural consciousness.