15 September to 7 October 2017

Materials and textures form heterogeneous organisms, made from wrapping paper, cellophane, rags and cloth, elastic bands, plastic and string, among other things. A sort of zoological catalogue of things that speak a language of rustled, crumpled paper and cloth, of a meaning and a direction that is unknown. These images convey a sense of either implosion or explosion of the elements that compose these life-forms, that resemble organs, microscopic organisms, bacteria, underwater creatures or visions. These mysterious elements are in a constant process of
generating themselves into something new, indefinite, complete and incomplete at the same time. Floating in a vague three-dimensional space or in darkness, they can either live in abstraction or in real life, at a microscopic or macroscopic level. They are long gone in physical reality; the scrap material that gathered to give them shape thrown away and dissolved in the world, testament to extinct thoughts and living forms.