3 to 25 February 2017

My arts practice is largely concerned with wordsmithery, paper collages and stylised, fine-lined-illustrations. I am conceptually interested in miscommunication, anthropomorphism, morality and re-contextualisation. I am also informed by collaborations, eavesdropping, op-shopping and pop culture. As such, my exhibitions often explore interrelated narratives of personal, observed and imagined experiences.

My latest body of work furthers these concerns within the framework of cognitive dissonance: the mental discomfort experienced as a result of contradictory beliefs, ideas, actions and / or values held simultaneously’.

The illustrations explore complications and contradictions within relationships, religion, morality, sexuality and politics. These concepts are interpreted aesthetically and conceptually as shades of grey.The work is also intended as cathartic, both through the depicted narratives and the creation of the work. The time taken to stipple the intricate dot matrices (comprising over 50,000 dots), for instance, allows extensive consideration and thought.