3rd to 25th March 2017

I’m a Photographer, Video-artist and Curator. My work comes from a deep self-psychoanalysis where I intend to confront personal issues with my sexuality, my body and my mental health. The images (still and moving) that I create are often macros of the world that surrounds me or my body. Fragile is a series of photographs and a video that uses ice as a metaphor for my depression.
Ice feels a lot like depression; it shows a hard exterior that apparently is very robust and sturdy, while in the inside, little explosions are occurring but are never brought to the surface. I become numb. As conditions become harder for ice to keep solid, the ice's (my) inner turmoil is revealed. As we get closer, the explosions show themselves as much more violent that what they looked like initially. The toughness of the ice fails as it melts, revealing its (my) own fragility.