24 May to 15 June 2019

Compact in size but not in content. Featuring works by over 26 artists, COMPACT showcases a broad spectrum of ideas from practitioners working across a diverse range of media. Confined to 30 x 30 x 30cm, this group exhibition looks to demonstrate that size is not a deterrent to impact or meaning. Curated by gallery staff, COMPACT is a reflection of Melbourne’s eclectic artistic community. Exhibiting artists include: Alexia Novella, Amy Lewis, Avan Robins, Cathy Muhling, Eugene von Nagy, Ezz Monem, Grant Van Cuylenburg, Heinz Boeck, Jacklyn Peters, Jade Burstall, Judith Roberts, Leila Morrissey, Linda Loh, Megan Tan, Mita Chowdhury, Monique Lacey (West End Art Space), Natalya Maller, Nick Heynsbergh, Nicola Vance, Nives Zorzut, Olga Tsara, Patrick Zaia, Robert Mihajlovski, Steve May, Simon Watts, and Timothy Perkins.