Interior comprises a series of large-scale, mainly monochrome charcoal portraits. The works which form this collection are contemplations of stillness and solitude.

Post-pandemic, I found myself increasingly drawn to solitary figures and how, as we have all emerged from lockdowns, we have a keener awareness of the experience of being alone, and a potentially different relationship to introspection.

These images are not lockdown scenes, but rather speak to quiet moments in time that may have been experienced differently pre-pandemic. The subjects are captured ‘unknowingly’; their gaze is elusive, positioning the viewer as a voyeur or even invisible intruder. There are hints of a blue-sky world outside which is present and accessible, but perhaps less appealing than it once was.

The context and geography of my images are as intentionally ambiguous as the subject’s interior state of mind, leaving the viewer to contemplate what they experience before or after this instant.