1 to 24 April 2016

The Grand Opening of Alternating Current Art Space! Come and help us celebrate the launch of our gallery with our first exhibition, 'Chalk and Cheese'.

Coinciding with the launch of Alternating Current Art Space, 'Chalk and Cheese' brings together a diverse group of artists working across multiple platforms of cultural and artistic exchange. In homage to its title, AC's inaugural exhibition is a marriage of alternative art practices, examining the approaches taken in response to an idea or subject and how this is subsequently relayed to the viewer.
Created to reflect the vibrancy that imbues AC's artistic community, ‘Chalk and Cheese’ will showcase the works of artists who have made a significant contribution to our identity as a site for contemporary art. The multifarious nature of Chalk and Cheese will in turn reflect the ethos on which AC is founded, providing a supportive network and an inclusive embrace of all art forms.

Alana Wilkie, Allen de Carteret, Andrea Hughes, Anna Prifti, Annette Chang, Anthea Kemp, Ara Dolatian, Cathy Muhling, Eva Abbinga, Jessica Ledwich, Kate Wallace, Kate Walsh, Lilach Mileikowski, Lyndall Smythe, Michele Donegan, Myra McElhinney, Nanou Dupuis, Naomi Nicholls, Olga Tsara, Polly Hollyoak, Penny Darling, Sarah Randall, Sarah Walker, Senye Shen, Steve May, Simon Watts and Wendy Busch.