4 to 26 November 2016

We are all influenced by our surroundings. By our relationships with material: that of the self, the world and each other. How slowly can you devise a method to engage with this influence? How can you enter your surroundings in a way that allows them to enter you? In this series of drawings, I am seeking new depths of understanding how the human body and architecture creatively sustain one another. Through studying touch by giving regular shiatsu massages, alongside enquiring into poetics and architecture through reading Arakawa and Gins' book 'Architectural Body', I am drawing on 'Snail Setting'.
This setting is demonstrated in chapter three of the book, where Arakawa and Gins take two people inside their 'snail house', which clings and responds to the body movements, awareness and breath of its inhabitants. Like an enterprising antennae feeling the foliage, this project is a tentative searching for a way to enter a sculptural, physical expression of this inquiry in future project developments.