20 NOV-12 DEC 

synonyms: ultra-fine, fine, diaphanous, gauzy, gauze-like, gossamer-thin, gossamer-like, gossamery, delicate, filmy, floaty, chiffon, cobwebby, feathery, silky, silken, wispy, thin, light, lightweight,insubstantial. papery, flimsy, frail;

This work is an extension of my painting practise referencing the use of layers. I work intuitively and directly. Overtime the mark making and buildup of paint, heavily diluted with water onto sheer fabric, creates its own atmosphere. The sheer fabric producing a dissolution of images through layering and the use of light. Through this experience, I invite the viewer to step into my installation and experience a dream like space. What is present, what is past and what exists, juxtaposes the delicate works with a small painting placed at the end of the installation. The painting existed before the others so it is past, yet present, in its ethereal state.