1 to 23 March 2019

A deconstruction of love in the technological era.
Text messages transfigured into subtle IRL love poems.

(the one we ran away from)

Love and fear become synonymous in reality for the generations who grew up seeking potential suitors from behind the screen. The accessible formats of dating and hook up applications make initial contact easy, as the grazing ground of physical attraction is electrified with the keyboard courage of the realistically sexually timid. Dating has become an inconvenience as we place our once first date conversations back in our pockets, if it wasn’t interesting enough to engage with – or if the one isn’t within a specified radius.


Manufactured superficial photographs to become the desirable URL ‘one.’

Love letters to you, words written that I could never verbalize, but potentially could’ve written online if we matched on an app.

Now you’re elsewhere living life, and I’m here.

...we lost touch.