11 NOV-3 DEC

It would benefit us not to forget about the relationship between writing and knowledge; that writing things out cements them into our memory and makes synaptic connections to corresponding parts of the brain, strengthening our overall knowledge. Painting and other forms of art-making are analogous to writing. We can follow the evolution of cursive action from the earliest incarnations of pictorial representation to later written forms of language and consider what styles and shapes of writing have occurred.

In its simplest expression parallelogram, when broken down, means ‘alongside another’ (parallelos) and ‘line’ (gramme), the term gram also coming from the same root word which pertains to writing (graphein).

These paintings relate to the recording of an esoteric knowledge via a cryptic pictographic writing system; what I refer to as oracular texts. Structures of lattice-like configurations in expression and meaning. An all-you-need-to-know codex of psychic modalities.