29 Jan-20 Feb 2021

I have been fencing épée competitively for over 7 years. As an illustrator and former animator, I am fascinated by describing speed and dynamic action over time.


To convey actions such as a parrying an attack or infighting needs the splatter and immediacy of black ink, plus a little animation to show the sequence of movement. I describe this action using ink with Japanese brushes, satay skewers, chopsticks, nibs on backwards, and sometimes my fingers.


As well as the extreme actions, I’m interested in the in-between movement of fencing – straightening the blade after a bout, testing the tip, recovering after a remise, or fixing a mask or a shoe.

The fencers in the window are a nod to Eadweard Muybridge and illustrate a feint, flèche, attempted hit and body contact. Once both fencers have missed, what will they do next?