14 OCT-5 NOV

Carnation is a flower used to celebrate Mother's Day in Taiwanese culture. People gift pink or red carnations to their mothers, or white carnations to honor their mother if she has passed away.

I make white carnations to remember my mother who passed away three years ago, using toilet paper and recycled paper rolls in this installation. My mother loved to save money and considered needless spending as terrible behavior. She often asked me not to spend money on the art materials if I could. I hope my mum would give me a thumbs up for choosing these art materials.


Three artists come together to showcase their most recent work. Annette Chang will occupy gallery 2 with her latest installation ‘White’, Pimpisa Tinpalit’s installation ‘The Beauty in Death’ will occupy gallery three and the cupboard, and Polly Hollyoak’s  ‘Vilomah’ offers a series of black and grey text-based paintings in gallery 4