16 SEP-8 OCT

Andrea Hughes’ latest series of paintings, Saturation, is born out of her love of the act of painting and her exploration with and use of different mediums and additives to create varied textures and surfaces. She uses creamy layers, sandy surfaces, gloss and glow, to intensify the colour. And as the saturation increases, colour becomes purer, immediate and expressive.  


Unexpected combinations are hallmarks of Andrea’s work, and in this series she imports found vintage artifacts, in the form of lovingly restored vintage frames, and applies carefully considered brush strokes, shapes and colours, achieving a vibrant and undeniable grooviness. 

Hughes’ current work demonstrates her experimentation with colour and added mediums and reveals the joy shefinds in the layering of colour on colour and paint on paint, until she achieves just the right thickness, just the right balance, and just the right texture. Her aim is that the viewer finds as much joy in this work as she felt when painting it. 

Andrea Hughes is a Melbourne-based visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, RMIT University.