FRI 3 DEC 6-8 PM

The 69 Collective is an artist’s run initiative of a diverse group of artists covering a broad range of creative visual disciplines. 

It’s the Small Things’ is a show of small works, at a small cost, inspired by small things that can have such a big impact. A spark, a hug, a breath, a virus.
Those small things have had such wide-reaching and devastating effect on so many lives these last couple of years.
But it’s also small things that can help, and heal, and bring joy. Some time, some space, a mask, a glove. A smile, a dance, a flower, a poem, a wave, a chat.
These last couple of years have already been a time of having to stop, slow down and reduce our space, movement, and connections. It has allowed us to focus and contemplate on what’s important, what annoys us, what makes us fearful and what brings us joy.

The end of the year will bring… well, who knows? Probably best to keep our expectations and plans small too.

Featuring the artworks of:

Aneta Bozic
Carol Rowlands
Cornelia Conway
Daniela Strauss
Dominique Dunstan
Filomena Roberts
Irene Amorosi
Julia Harmsworth
Julian Di Martino
Kate Carey Peters
Katy Bowman
Liza Posar
Maggie Brown
Margot Sharman Marija Newbold
Nada Jovic
Natalia Serafini
Norma McGowan
Oonagh McGowan
Paula McLoughlin
Paulina Campos
Rain White
Rom Jagielski
Siobhan Hannigan
Stephen Glover
Sue Bottomley
Zdenka Kukolja